H1 2021: Group 5

The years of 1976-82 were host to the 4th Generation Group 5 Series. The period rules dictated that the lines of a production car needed to be maintained above the wheel arches, mostly everything else was unrestricted. These turbocharged Monsters with 500+ HP under the hood and no traction control or fancy driving aids demanded every last bit of skill of those who dared tame them.

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Q1 2021: Slot.it Group-C

Return with us to the days of MTV and Nintendo and the sleek Group C and GTP Prototype race cars. Slot cars eligible for this series are limited to any of the Group C/IMSA GTPs from the Slot.it and tuning options are limited to gears, tires, and general car preparation.

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Q2 2021: NSR GT3

GT3 is an exciting IMSA-governed racing class that allows "production" cars to be raced on world-class international circuits. These cars have extraordinary power (500 to 600bhp) and handling in stock form, thus IMSA limits modifications to the engine and suspension, while allowing most of the interior and "consumer" components to be removed to reduce weight, clutter and flammable material.

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H2 2021: Tourist Trophy

The British Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy Celebration is a race for closed-cockpit GT cars in the spirit of the RAC TT races of 1960-1964. The race takes place at the Goodwood Circuit during the Revival festival and gathers together a multi-million dollar start grid for an action packed round of racing. In 2017 the Austin Slot Car Club will pay homage to it in 1/32 scale.

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Q3 2021: Targa Florio

Our rally-car series is a tribute to the 1970-73 running of the classic Italian road race that weaves through villages and towns in the mountains of Sicily near the island's capital of Palermo.

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Q4 2021: NSR F1

The series celebrates an exciting period from 1986-89 when aerodynamics and power systems were bound by a range of options in an effort to increase competitiveness. This period was dominated by Williams and featuring legends such as Ayrton Senna, Keke Rosberg, Gerhard Berger, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, Teo Fabi and others.

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NSR GT-3 Slot Car Racing – Round-2 – Apr 24 2021

Our 2nd round included prodigul sons Randy, Alejandro(alex) and David fielding cars. Russ drove for Alex while Dave, Marty, Randy, John, Steve, and Mark L drove their own cars, working as Marshals in their off heats. Russ was fully suited-up in his Darth Vadar helmet and N99 full face mask. The cars were more sorted out this round, but the NSR tires (and balance issues) seemed to still cause problems for many teams. The racing…

NSR GT-3 Slot Car Racing – Round-1 – Apr 10 2021

BACK IN THE SADDLE – SOMEWHAT Our first round was the first time some of our members had raced their own car since one year ago, after the Covid-19 Pandemic caused several members to be concerned about infection from racing in close quarters. Unfortunately we still had a few people not able to attend, (and Dave was present but did not enter his Vette until round 2 in two weeks). Proxy drivers were David C…