2012 BRM Series: Round #5 Results

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The penultimate round of the BRM series was the first one of the five so rounds that was not filled with large amounts of drama.  There was some great racing mixed with the occasional bump between cars and even though there was some car damage it was about as trouble free of a run that we have had so far.  

Heat 1had Jim in yellow, Marty in blue and Roy in green.  All fast guys and all in the chase for the points.  At the end it was Marty with 74 laps, Jim with 70 andRoy with an uncharacteristicallylow 68.  Marty’s crown gear was beginning to make some noise so to be safe and having a few heats to work with he decided to change the crown before racing again. 

Heat 2 had Roy in blue, Jim in green and Shawn in yellow.  This ended up being one of the best races of the day withRoy totaling 72 laps and his fast lap of the day at 3.989 to Jim and Shawn’s 71.  Shawn did manage to set his fast lap of the day at 4.075 before coming in contact withRoy’sToyota.  The contact was not good for Shawn’s Porsche as his well prepared drive train started to make noise.  It will be interesting to see if Shawn can baby his car for the next two heats to keep him in contention for a podium spot.  With Shawn running the next two heats there was nothing he could do other than grease the heck out of the gears and drive with caution. 

Heat 3 had Shawn in green, Jim in blue and new racer Brian in yellow.  You could tell right away by the sound that Shawn’s gears were out of adjustment.  This will surely have an affect on his lap times for this heat and the one to follow.  Brian’s car was set up well but was missing one key element – traction!  His car sounded great but was sliding in and out of the turns.  To make up the lost time he was pushing harder and harder but that only seemed to compound the problem.  Meanwhile, Jim was having a great run.  His car was fast out of the turns and in the esses.  Watching the car from behind you could see the left rear tire come up under acceleration our of the casino section.  Great stuff!  At the end of the heat Jim had totaled 74.29 laps with his fast lap of the day at 3.901.  Shawn managed 70 laps and Brian had 68. 

Heat 4 had Marty in yellow, Shawn in blue and Brian in green.  Marty would have to have a good run to match Jim’s fantastic run of 74 laps in the previous heat.  Hopefully the new crown gear in the Jagermeister would help make it possible.  Shawn was just hoping to get out of the heat without having to DNF due to his degrading crown gear while Brian was coming to terms with the ill-handling Dauer Porsche.  At the end of the heat Marty his 74 laps and was happy not to lose too much ground to Jim while Shawn was able to nurse his car to the end of the heat with a total 67.85 laps.  It was obvious that the misaligned drivetrain had a big affect on his lap times and he did a great job to keep his car in the race and not push too hard.  Brian managed to run 68 laps while still fighting the cars lack of traction. 

At the end of the heat Shawn had time to check out his car more closely and discovered that not only was the gear out of adjustment, he also had a headlight bracket that was completely loose and making contact with the front wheel and parts of his dashboard were found to be floating around inside the drivers cockpit.  Basically what Shawn was driving was a maraca with wheels.    

Heat 5 had Marty in green,Roy in yellow and Brian in blue.  This was another great heat with all drivers being professional and courteous with each other.  The very close heat was won by Marty with 71.46 laps and his fast lap of the race at 3.933 toRoy’s 71.16 laps while Brian had a great run with 70.4 laps and his fast lap time of 4.036.  

The final results had Marty on top with 217.46 laps to Jims 215.29 andRoy’s 211.16.  Jim had the fastest lap of the race with a 3.901.  This was one of the best races so far in the series with the difference from the top racer to the last place racer being the smallest in the series. Everyone had a great time even though there were only five racers competing in this round. 

Where does this leave us going into the final round?  Marty has the series win already locked up and has decided not to compete in the final round.  This will allow someone else to collect maximum points that could potentially take a fourth place competitor to second place in the overall standings.  This will make for some great racing as Jim tries to hang on to second place by holding off Shawn and Roy who are both locked up in their own close battle in third and forth places.  Brian even has a chance of picking up the last podium spot with a strong run and a slip or two by the other competitors.  

This could be one of the best races of the year!  Forget whatever you have planned for this Saturday Drop and come out and watch these great racers do what they do best.  It will be worth double the price of admission!

Saturday at4pmwe will have the answers to these important questions:

Will Brian be able to put in his best race of the series and take a podium spot?

Will Roy’s Toyota grow to twice its width in the turns?

Will Jim leave everyone behind with his great driving?

Will Ary’s headlights blind the competitors and give Ary his first win in the series?

Will Shawn have his gear mesh dialed in and his body parts re-glued?

Will Russell finally have the Probe painted?

Will the picture in picture work this time?


See you at the races!




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