2016 Modern GT series

Although the commentary on this series may be a little on the slow side, I can assure you the racing has not been. Three racers in the first race ran in the 3.8’s with Marty clocking In a fast lap of 3.802 and a total of 229.45 laps.  The race was close in group B as well with 4 of the drivers all within 2 laps of the next. Our newest member Alejandro looking like he is making a bid for Group A with a 209 lap race!!heatsrace1race1

The second race was nothing if not exciting with a lot of head to head racing!! David flew around the track in his NSR corvette to take the win and a series record of 3.794 in A group and Alejandro beat up the rest of the B group and me to take the win








I am excited to see what comes next in this series!!!!!!!seriesrace2aseriesrace2b