2017 Group C Slot.it Challange #1 Results

We learned 2 things in the first race of the Group C series.  Heaters are good at blowing breakers and yes the wing can make a huge difference in the handling of your car.  In the first heat Steve lost his wing on his Nissan R89C.  The handling was erratic to say the least.

Group A

Marty came in fast with his consistent Porsche with 223.35 laps. Ary got the fast lap of the round at 3.808 with his Lancia.  The podium was finish of with Russell’s Porsche.  I would also like to welcome Alejandro to the A Group he turned in a respectable 208 laps in his debut race!!!!

Group B

Rich dominated the round in his AirBrake Jaguar completing 205.85 laps as well as cracking out the fast lap of the group with a 3.991.  Mark came in second with 201.83 laps with a few more tweaks he should be up there with rich in no time.  Third went to John with 198.68.

It was a great race and the beginning to another great race year I can’t wait to see the lap times drop and the counts getting higher I am hoping to collect a lot of data and post lots of it from this series.

I know this sounds a little backwards but I don’t have excel on this computer so Results will be posted shortly


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