2017 Group C Slot.it Challange #6 & Final Results

David pushing the pace in group a with 228.77 laps and a fast lap at 3.726 one of these days he will be competitive in Group A Marty came in one lap behind him and Shawn came in third.  In Group B Rich came in first with a very respectful 214 laps John came in second and Mark came in third.


The King is dead. It appears as if the dominance of the Porsche has come to an end with two Lancia’s in first and second in Group A  and a Jaguar in first place in Group B. This series was an eye opener as well as the season opener.  Ary barely beat out David for the series win with 1 point and only a fast lap in the second heat only .01 seconds separate David from Ary in the second heat fast lap!!! Marty was nipping at there heals the whole time as well completing only 1 less lap then Ary at the end of 6 races!!!  The Fast Lap of the series was set by David in the 4th heat at 3.702 the previous series record was 3.794 set by Ary back in 2015.  Rich dominated Group B with 83 points 6 wins and 6 fast laps. John in his second year in the club came in second and Brett came in 3rd a mere 1 point behind him!


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  1. porsche917
    April 8, 2017 at 12:06 PM

    Thanks for getting the results posted. Great to finally see where everyone finished in both groups.

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