2018 NSR Rally Race 2 Results

Our 2nd rally on August 11 had a change up in the leaders. Both Marty and John had other obligations and we missed these great competitors.  David apparently fixed his gremlins from round-1 and he and pushed past Stephen by 14.47 sec, while Shawn is only 3.13 sec behind Steve. Randy is improving in every series including rally.  On the leaderboard Randy is leading Mark by 44.96 secs. **Our leaderboard is not sorting correctly I hope to fix it soon!



Overhauled a Simca engine & tranny, 2 IH tractor motors & go-cart by 15. Aspired to be Ed Pink, Smokey Yunick, or Wernher von Braun-instead became a sound engineer and worked at NASA by 24. Current gig = software engineering & project management best-practices SME 


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