2018 NSR Rally #1 Results

First Rally race of 2018-Fiat Punto vs Renaut Clio

By July 14 we had waited over 7 months to race again on our new rally track and it was worth the wait. Like any new series (our first using the NSR rally cars) we have some bugs to work out and we had some surprises. Steve won today’s leaderboard with a box-stock car (with trued tires), including missing front-axle grub screws (so his axle was flopping around and not flying 1mm off the braid like a typical setup). Dave had been hitting some outstanding ETs in the low sixes during practice, but was plagued with a few problems that prevented him from running away with today’s race. Marty was a little off his normal game, (if you count 2nd as “a little off…” LOL) but we are confident that both he and David will be spanking many of us in future races. Shawn continued how he left the WRC rally race, one of the fastest racers. John’s experience as a 1×1 racer helped him beat Randy and Mark who brought up the rear. Unfortunately we missed Alejandro because of work obligations – we hope he can show in our August run.
**The field was dominated by five Fiat Puntos and two Clios. Randy entered his 8-Ball Mederia Punto livery. His setup was close to OEM with the stock 21.5 long-can anglewinder, rear Supergrips and a floppy drop arm. It was a torquey beast to handle and he has already announced plans to try an inline pod at the 2nd race Aug 11. Steve had a totally box stock  #4 Mederia Punto and was king of the leaderboard.  Dave had the red checkered Grande Punto Abarth presentation model with #69; his motor was the BabyKing 17.5k rpm long can and a floppy arm, while Marty had the same body racing as #8 with a Shark 22k sidewinder and floppy drop arm. John fielded a sharp looking orange Clio #75, and his Clio team-mate was Shawn with a bright blue #3 Clio (very close to box stock which he races successfully in many series).  Mark added another Mederia Punto as #21 and Cam Dynamics as a sponsor, Shark 20k sidewinder and floppy drop arm.

Marty’s Punto

Shawn’s Clio



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