2018 Q3 Scaleauto Race 6 and Final Series Results

Well this series was down to the wire in Group A.  Marty really started to come into his own the last half of the series as well as David.  Both of them putting down times we didn’t think were possible on urethane tires.  Russell wasn’t about to left out and challenged them every race.  The Group B side of things wasn’t as close as Randy managed to pick up a God car that just worked regardless of the race.  He showed that with a car suited to him, he’s a contender and not just some random old guy playing with toy cars.  In the end, Marty took this series as his races in the middle of the series were just too good for anyone to really challenge.  David’s last minute charge just wasn’t enough to overhaul Russell for 2nd.  Steve and Shawn were left fighting for the scraps at the bottom and with Shawn not running in 2 races it was Steve who avoided DFL.  Randy absolutely dominated Group B in this series with some great driving and a very well setup car.  Mark’s race in Round 6 cost him a challenge to John as he has full on mechanical problems all through the race which is frustrating to see a racer lose due to equipment that’s outside their control.

This was the first time we’ve run the big Scaleauto cars on our track and it was a labor of love to get this series as tight as it was.  There was a lot of uncertainty that this would work due to the lane spacing and urethane tires.  There were many that were skeptical but Shawn kept to his guns and racers enjoyed this series tremendously.   Everything wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows though.  It became apparent as the series went on that the MJK tires didn’t last more than about 2-3 races before being used up.  This is disappointing as they worked pretty well on our track which historically disfavors urethane compounds.  The other serious issue was the unbelievable variance in the Scaleauto cars.  Since we allowed the older metal chassis and the newer carbon fiber chassis, there were going to be variances.  The issue came with variances even between similar chassis.  This caused a lot of problems with tech compliance in the first couple of races.  That being said by Race 4 everyone knew their cars were legal under tech and were able to focus on getting faster and not compliant.  This was a series many said they wanted to do again in the future.  Hopefully we can find some better tires for them before we run it again.

See everyone for the Carrera series on Oct 6th!


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  1. chapracer65
    October 2, 2018 at 12:30 PM

    Thanks for a very enjoyable series. These cars were fun to run. My BMW Art Car was exactly as I built it three years ago, with the exception of the MJK rear tires and the removal of the spacer washer I had put on the guide flag to originally raise the front tires. I made no adjustments or changes during the series and ran the original set of MJK tires for the whole series, albeit with less practice time between races compared to some other racers.

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