2018 Series – Carrera Modern GT

Series Manager: Steve.
This series will be raced in the forth quarter of 2018 (Q4).


**** Final ****


Entrance fee per race is $5 for ASCC members and $10 for non-members

Models Allowed

Any analog variation of the following:

Aston Martin Vantage V12

■ Length 145mm

■ Height 36mm
■ Wheelbase 83.5mm
■ Front Track 61.5mm
■ Rear Track 61.5mm
■ Weight 100g
Ferrari 458

■ Length 140mm
■ Height 35mm
■ Wheelbase 83mm
■ Front Track 64mm
■ Rear Track 64mm
■ Weight 102g
Audi R8 LMS

■ Length 140mm

■ Height 35mm
■ Wheelbase 84mm
■ Front Track 62mm
■ Rear Track 61mm
■ Weight 104g
Ferrari 488

■ Length 146mm

■ Height 35mm
■ Wheelbase 85mm
■ Front Track 63mm
■ Rear Track 64mm
■ Weight 106g

■ Length 155mm

■ Height 35mm
■ Wheelbase 91mm
■ Front Track 64mm
■ Rear Track 64mm
■ Weight 113g
Ford GT

■ Length 153mm

■ Height 35mm
■ Wheelbase 85mm
■ Front Track 60mm
■ Rear Track 62mm
■ Weight 103g
Chevrolet Corvette CR7

■ Length 135mm

■ Height 35mm
■ Wheelbase 85mm
■ Front Track 64mm
■ Rear Track 62mm
■ Weight 100g
Lamborguini Huracan

■ Length 142mm

■ Height 36mm
■ Wheelbase 83mm
■ Front Track 63mm
■ Rear Track 63mm
■ Weight 104g


  • Modifications to body are prohibited (accept as described below).
  • The stock cockpit and the windows may be Shoegoo’ed in place to keep them secure.
  • Body must start every race with all major parts intact including windows and wings.
  • Antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks, and other small, protruding parts from the body are not required.
  • Exterior of body must be painted with at least one coat of paint and must have numbers displayed on both sides and the top of the car.
  • Body screws are open choice; they can be taped over to prevent loss during the race.
  • Light kits prohibited.


Modifications to chassis are prohibited (accept as described below)

  • Light chassis sanding allowed for float – maximum gap cannot exceed the thickness of a credit card.
  • Slot.it or Scaleauto wood guides are allowed. Guides can be replaced with the use of ‘CG Slotcars Carrera guide adapter’.
    • Guide Adapter (Standard) – approximately 20.0mm diameter: Part# CGGA01
    • Guide Adapter (Large) – approximately 20.5mm diameter: Part# CGGA02.
    • TIP: Only glue the adapter in place *after* front and rear axles are installed with trued tires!
  • Pick-up braids – open choice.
  • Polarity switch and/or digital chip can be removed.
  • Lead wires open choice. Wires can be hot glued or cellophane taped to the chassis to avoid contact with the front axle.
  • Independent front axles prohibited.
  • Ballast is allowed above the chassis pan / inside the car and must not be visible from the outside of the car.
  • Wheel/tire must not protrude outside of the body when viewed from above, no exceptions – this includes axle float.
  • Traction magnets prohibited. Chassis magnet clip must be removed.


  • Any commercially available sealed short-can slot car motor that produces up to 25K rpm at 12 Volts is allowed. No rewinds or “mod motors” allowed.
  • Magnetic down force from motor may not exceed 30 grams as checked with a Magnet Marshal, exclusive of car weight. 
  • Motor can be ShoGoo’ed into chassis.


  • Open choice 


  • Open choice.
  • Only brass bushings are allowed. Bushings may be glued in place.


  • Hard requirement: minimum outside hub diameter is 15mm:
    • Front Wheels: Stock Carrera or Slot.it’s (or similar) ‘17.3 x 8.2 mm’ short hub alternatives.
    • Rear Wheels: Stock Carrera or Slot.it’s (or similar) ‘17.3 x 9.75 mm’ short hub alternatives.


  • Free choice of any commercially available rubber/urethane compound tire.
  • Rear tire outside diameter must not be less than 20 mm at beginning of race. Rear tire Maximum width is 11 mm.
  • Front tire outside diameter must not be less than 19 mm at beginning of race. Front tire Minimum width is 9 mm.
  • Tires may be glued to the wheels.
  • No traction compounds are allowed. 


  • Maximum weight is 120 grams.

Track Power

  • The series will be raced at 11 Volts. 


  • If you find a roadblock while preparing the car or need to verify the legality of an alteration not listed in the rules, let the series manager know by posting in the forum thread below:

Carrera Modern GT DISCUSSION