2019 McLaren M8D Round 2 Results

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The Polar Grand Prix

By Lotus Jr. Feb 9, 2019
The 2nd round of our Slot.IT McLaren series saw the track-room at Kings at a chilly 52 degrees. After the rare Austin sleet subsided, ten members came to the club meeting with eight staying to race. During tech-inspection our mag-downforce meter seemed to be ‘off’ because both static-weight and downforce numbers varied greatly from last months measurements. However, the numbers were generally consistent among the entries and all passed (new batteries are due!) Alejandro brought his beautiful custom-painted gold McLaren for the first time and it ran as good as it looked.
Lap times and total laps have really improved,  showing that the drivers have really sorted out their cars from round one.  Even with the cold track, all eight entrants managed over 200 laps and the racing was very competitive.  Other than Steve losing a wing, there was little damage to these robust cars. Dave was the class of the field with 225.49 laps.  Alejandro was close behind at 222.49.  Russell was third with 221.07 and fast lap in A group with 3.709 seconds.  John won B group with 217.74  and a fast B lap of 3.86.  Erik ran 215.28, Steve did 210.1, Randy made 204 and Mark had 201.88 laps.
The McLarens have proven to be excellent carrs – lightning fast and they reward smooth driving.  


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