2019 McLaren M8D Round 4 Results

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2019 McLaren M8D Round #4 Results

Slot.It McLaren Pre-Easter Meet, Round Four by Lotus Jr. While our entrants were down to seven, the racing was strong as ever. Marty blistered the track with 229.74 laps and a best lap of 3.714 finishing 1st overall. Erik put in a stellar performance with 221.44 laps, coming in 2nd overall, 1st B and fastest B lap of 3.921. John took 3rd overall and 2nd B with 216.74 laps. Russell’s speed appeared to made him destined for 2nd, but the Led Zepp McLaren lost a wheel past the bridge and several laps, finishing 4th overall and 2nd A with 214.05 laps. Alejandro struggled a bit finishing 3rd A with 209.82 laps. Steve ran 4th A with 207.25 laps followed by Randy in 3rd B with 188.8 laps. The 12 volt setting for Slot.It McLaren has an effect on tire wear as fairly large marbles are appearing on the track. Keeping these cars “on the button” is trickier than Thunderslot or Group C. Too much throttle and either the car slides or jumps out of the guide. But proper throttle application will reward a driver with good lap times. It has proved to be an interesting balancing act.




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