2019 McLaren M8D Round #5 Results

Figuring it Out by Lotus Jr. May 11 2019 – Eight drivers competed in McLaren Round 5, but like the Mercedes F1 team this year, only two drivers really figured it out. Marty has lowered his center of gravity with an Slot.it accessory pod running 233.75 laps and a best time of 3.686 seconds. Dave had an even better time of 3.679 but laid back to keep his car from deslotting with 227.92 laps. Erik had one of his best drives to win Group B and finish third overall with 217.85 laps. Alejandro was third in Group A with a consistent 212.25 laps. John struggled with handling and tires finishing 2nd B, but posted a fastest B time of 3.966. Steve followed with 208.5 laps and then Randy with 201.4. Mark had tire hop with his right rear being out of round (and a cracked chassis!) in his first heat ending up with 159.26 laps. Making the McLarens run Thunderslot times (3.6s) is pretty incredible. Good work guys.



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  1. McLaren M8D - Parc Ferme-2
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