2019 McLaren M8D Round 5 Results

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Figuring it Out by Lotus Jr. May 11 2019 – Eight drivers competed in McLaren Round 5, but like the Mercedes F1 team this year, only two drivers really figured it out. Marty lowered his center of gravity with a Slot.IT ‘offset’ pod and was running 3.686 sec and totaled 233.75 laps. Dave had a round best time of 3.679 but laid back to keep his car from deslotting and totaled out at 227.92 laps. Erik had one of his best drives to win Group B and finish third overall with 217.85 laps. Alejandro was third in Group A with a consistent 212.25 laps. John struggled with handling and tires finishing 2nd B, but posted a fastest B time of 3.966. Steve followed with 208.5 laps and then Randy with 201.4. Mark had tire hop with his right rear being out of round (and a cracked chassis!) in his first heat ending up with 159.26 laps. Making the McLarens run Thunderslot times (3.6s) is pretty incredible. Good work guys.



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