2019 McLaren M8D Round 6 Results

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Slot.IT McLaren Race 6:  Series Analysis; By Lotus Jr. 

The final race of the McLaren series was challenging for many drivers. While the room temperature was 86 degrees, the track was noticeably slicker and slower than previous weeks. The decision to run the McLarens at 12 volts, appears to have resulted in frustrating tire issues. During most of the series, Slot.IT F30s (i.e. Shore-30 hardness, PN SIPT28) provided adequate traction; whereas during some rounds F22s (Shore-22) were grippier, but the softer compound shed quickly, leaving marbles all over the track.

In this final round, Marty really understood his set-up, resulting in ETs 0.2 quicker than Dave who is always in the hunt. Erik was smooth all day for a strong 3rd place and First in B-Group. Alejandro was 4th overall, followed by John at 5th. Russell unfortunately experienced several de-slots esp. in the yellow esses placing him in 6th. Steve and Randy finished the field as 7th and 8th.  Mark was already DFL and was racing 1/24s at the new Pflugerville track.

Series Retrospective by Series Manager: The McLarens have proven to be far stronger than their fragile appearance.  They are sharp looking cars and very quick, but in this year’s series had traction and hard braking issues.  Their performance was hinged to tire performance, relative to track conditions.  While Marty (whose technical abilities are always first class) was able to run 3.6s, most of the other top drivers were only capable of 3.8s. In conclusion as Series Manager it appears that these cars are better suited to 11 volts for optimum performance.



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