2019 Thunderslot Round 2

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The second round of the 2019 Thunderslot series did not disappoint. The competition is strong and, despite being run at 12 volts, the cars are very stable and de-slots are few. Ary set a high mark in the first three heats, with a combined run of 234.82 laps. Starting in the fifth heat, David tried to catch up, coming close and recording fastest lap at 3.673, but still a lap behind Ary. Russell was further behind with 229 laps. Erik had a consistent run with heats of 75, 75, and 74.37 laps to finish at the top of Group B. Alejandro, Stephen, and Marc finished out the lineup.

Park Ferme sample board
Ary B.

David C.
Russell M.
Erik K.
Alejandro G.
Stephen B.
Mark T.

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