2019 Thunderslot Round 3

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Parc Ferme

Round 3 of the 2019 Thunderslot series was one of the fastest races that the club has run. Marty threw down the gauntlet in the first heat, running 78 laps in Blue. The fourth heat was a great battle with David, Alejandro and Russell all turning 78 laps and David setting his second-best race lap at 3.654 seconds. Heat #7 had a spectacular crash between Mark and Marc on the last turn of the last lap, with both cars ending upside down, Marc in front of the driver’s station and Mark under the bridge. Randy had his fastest ever race lap (3.755) in the final heat.

David and Marty had a great fight, with Marty just edging David, 234.35 laps to 233.75 laps. With David’s fastest lap point, he and Marty finished the race tied on points. Russell had his best finish at 232.10 laps for third. Ary had an uncharacteristic off day to finish fourth (something tells me that he will bounce back big time next race!) and Alejandro was fifth.

Randy ran strong to finish first in Group B, followed by John, Marc T., and Marc L. finishing out the leaderboard.

As expected the Thunderslot series has proven to be the fastest series that we have run, with many drivers setting their best race lap results.

Marty M.
David C.
Russell M.
Ary B.
Alejandro G.
Randy A.
John B.
Marc T.
Wild Finish

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