2019 Thunderslot Round 4 Results

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The fourth round of the 2019 Thunderslot series set new benchmarks for an ASCC series, in both total laps and fastest lap.  Heat 1 set the tone as Marty and Alex battled, Marty setting a 3.706 second lap to Alejandro’s 3.709 sec. and 77 laps to 76 laps.  In Heat 3 David upped the ante by turning a 3.634 second lap and 79 total laps.  He went quicker in Heat 4 with 3.618 sec. and 80 laps and saved the best for  laps with the first sub-3.6 second lap—3.576 seconds!  He finished with 238.25 laps and looked unchatchable.

Ary took up the challenge as he entered in Heat 6, running 79 laps, and the competition was on.  Ary then set a new heat record in Heat 7, running  81 laps, with a best lap of 3.609, then turning another 81 laps in Heat 8 with a best of 3.603 and an incredible 3.68 second average lap for the heat, on his way to a new record 241.34 total laps.

Marty finished with a very respectable 234.15 total laps, which on another day might have been enough to win but on this day was only good for third.  His best lap was 3.691.  Alejandro also ran well, with a best lap of 3.685 and a total of 227.87 laps.  Steve ran 223.75 laps.

In Group B, Randy continued to run well.  His car was not the fastest but he ran very consistently to finish with 225.25 laps, first in class, and fifth overall.  Erik was second in Group B with 223.65 laps and Mark L. was third in B with 214.55 laps.

Whew!  On this day, Ary was unbeatable.  His average lap in Blue in the last heat was faster than everyone else’s fastest lap, except for David’s.  David continues to chase Ary and Marty is right in there, too.  What a great series.

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