2019 Thunderslot Series Round 5 Results

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Round 5 of the 2019 Thunderslot series did not quite live up to the benchmark of the epic Round 4 race; total lap times were down slightly, although the fastest lap times were close.  Once again, Ary won with a lap total of 238.74 and David ran 236.35 laps.  David had another sub-3.6 second fastest lap (3.596), scoring an additional point to, once again, equal Ary’s points for the race.  Both have scored 98 total points.  After the mandatory drop of one race, Ary leads David by one point going into the final race.  Marty had family commitments and had to miss a second race or he would undoubtedly be competing for the overall lead.

Alejandro ran an excellent race to just edge out Russell for third place, 230.84 laps to 229.37.  Steve followed with 225.41 laps.  Erik and Randy had a good battle in Group B, with Erik scoring 222.61 laps and a fastest Group B race lap of 3.820, to Randy’s 221.58 laps.  As both Erik and Randy have each missed a race their total points stand at 63 for Erik and 60 points for Randy, so their Group B championship is close as well.  In Round 5, John was third at 219.40, with Mark L. at 215.37 and Marc T. at 204.83.  John would be in their fighting for the Group B lead with Erik and Randy, but has missed two races due to his real-life racing activities.

Once again, the series has proven to be very popular, as the cars are blindingly fast while still being very controllable; this series has one of the lowest de-slot incidents of any series that we have run.  In addition there are a number of great-looking real and fantasy liveries.The final race of this year’s series should be an exciting race, with the titles on the line.  Marty and John could well prove to play the role of spoilers in their respective classes.  The pressure will be on; don’t miss it!

1st. Ary B.
2nd. David C.
3rd. Alejandro G.
4th Russell M.
5th Stephen B.
6th. Erik K.
7th. Randy A.
8th. John B.
9th. Mark L.
10th. Marc T.

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