2020 Group C – Round 5 Results

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The fifth round of the Slot It Group C series was another amazing race with the final two cars separated by only three inches after fifteen minutes of racing.  From a time perspective three inches equals 0.02 of a second difference between 1st and 2nd.  Racing does not get much closer than that.

How did we get here?  The racing was fast from the start with Jordan and John setting a blistering pace while David was finding it difficult to keep up with the pace.

The second heat saw David come back on form with a total of 75 laps while Jordan had a solid heat with 73 laps.  Stephen and his Nissan were able to run 71 laps.

The third heat had Randy running the Gurney Toyota for a total of 69 laps while Stephen ran 70 laps and Jordan finished up with 72 laps.  It was a great run from Jordan who has not been at the track for a long time.  Nice run Jordan.  Great to have you back running with us.

Fourth heat had Marty join in with the Jagermeister 962 short tail and run 74.73 laps while Stephen ran 71 and Randy ran 68.  Looks like Marty’s 962 was going to give David’s Lancia a run for it.  Lets see how the remaining heats go.

Fifth round had Mark come in with his Porsche Repsol short tail to run 64 laps as he was fighting handling issues the entire heat.  Randy ran another heat of 69 laps and Marty ran 75 laps.  This is getting interesting.

The sixth heat had Mark T enter the race with his Lancia.  Both Mark’s were running similar lap times with Mark L running 64 laps to Mark T’s 63 laps.  Marty finished his third heat running 74 laps and feeling confident that the race was his, or so he thought.

The seventh heat had Mark L running 65 laps and Mark T running 64 laps.  Alejandro began his race with the custom yellow Lancia running 66 laps and making more noise than a car should make.

The eighth round had John come back in and running a solid 72 laps.  Alejandro ran 63 laps and Mark T ran 64 laps. 

The ninth and final round had Alejandro run his final heat of 66 laps, John running 72 laps and then there was David.  David’s car was flying.  He had a big deficient to make up after his slow first heat and he was clawing back the laps and by the end of the heat the difference between his car and Marty’s was only 3 inches.  To top it off, David also took fast lap in this final heat in the final minute.  What a run.

The series is tight overall and the final round will determine who will take the top podium spots for the series.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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  1. Great story Marty – you should have been a race reporter/announcer : )
    p.s. Looks like WordPress again allows us to attach the stats in XLS format. Last year I was having trouble attaching the results spreadsheets.

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