2020 RevoSlot – Round 1 Results

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The second race of the new year and the first in the RevoSlot series was this past Saturday.  The race was similar to last weeks Slot It Group C race in that tires became the focus for many of the racers. 

Before the clubs move, we gave the track a deep cleaning then moved it on an open trailer, did construction with tons of dust and cleaned the track again with the hopes of getting it ready to race.  The result of all this cleaning has meant the level of traction is not what it once was.  This has created a scramble to find the right tire for the tracks new condition. 

There was not only finding the right compound choice between F30’s, F25’s or F22’s.  There was also the choice of older RevoSlot tires or newer ones as they seem to grip and wear very differently.  What would be the right choice and who would choose it?

There were ten racers present with the vast majority using the cars they ran in the last series as few had time to prepare a new car as they were busy working on the new space. 

That’s not to say there were not some new cars.  Ary showed up with a beautifully prepared and painted Porsche that would prove to not only look great but be the fastest of the all the cars present.  There was also a new Marcos being run by David and a Viper being run by Mark. 

The pre-race practice showed how difficult this race was going to be as most drivers were having difficultly controlling their cars.  For those that has selected Shore 22 or 25 tires they might find the higher than normal track temp, for the middle of January, would create some premature tire wear issues. 

The race was not very different from the practice with almost every racer having difficulty with their tires and the resulting control of their car.  The only car that seemed to be set up for the conditions was Ary’s Porsche GT2.  The next best performing car was John’s Porsche GT2.  John had just put a new pair of Shore 22 tires on before the race and just ran them.  He didn’t true them or test them.  They were the closest thing to sticker tires I have ever seen.  Well played John. 

The rest of the field was a mess of cars hanging on for dear life and hoping for the best. 

The results showed Ary at the front followed by Marty in a Porsche GT2 that was just hanging on and then John in third with his sticker tires. 

Even with the tire issues everyone had fun running these great cars.  They are evenly matched and the weight makes them easier to run for all levels of racers. 

Everyone is looking forward to the next race and being better prepared with the “right” tire choice, whatever that is.  Good luck.

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