Overhauled a Simca engine & tranny, 2 IH tractor motors & go-cart by 15. Aspired to be Ed Pink, Smokey Yunick, or Wernher von Braun-instead became a sound engineer and worked at NASA by 24. Current gig = software engineering & project management best-practices SME

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 6 Results

Our final race for the Group-C challenge started with David (956), Kyle (Nissan) and Mark (962) for the B-Group. Mark and David were neck and neck for the first 3 minutes with Kyle only 1-2 laps behind. The traction of the track seemed to be holding up and there were a remarkable few de-slots.…

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 3 Results

Race #3 of the 2015 Group-C Series using Slot.It Challenger rules was held on May 16.  The weather was getting a little warmer and humidity was moderately high as we had a very wet spring this year with at least a small shower each week and what seemed like months of overcast skies.  We had…