BRM Series Change!!

We cleaned the track today and decided to change the BRM race 1 to rubber tires!!!  You can use any durometer but the shore 30’s are suggested.  

2017 Group C Challange #3 Results

It was a hot day for the first week of February but the racing was even hotter!!! Ary pulled out the win but David rolled around with a fast lap time of 3.775 he was moving along. If things keep going this way Ary is going to have to hold on tight to his Group…

2017 Group C Challange #1 Results

We learned 2 things in the first race of the Group C series.  Heaters are good at blowing breakers and yes the wing can make a huge difference in the handling of your car.  In the first heat Steve lost his wing on his Nissan R89C.  The handling was erratic to say the least. Group…