Long-time slot racer. Began with AFX in early 70's and still has a TON of HO slot stuff including a 4-lane permanent raceway controlled by Race Commander and with an adjustable power supply. Raced 1/24th Brass 12, and Group 20 in late 80's in Denton and 1/24 Flexi in San Antonio in the early 90's. Raced with SCCA in early 2000's and occasionally works vintage racing events.

2019 Slot It Group C – Race #4 Results

Round 4 of the 2019 Group C races brought out 8 racers where temperatures hovered in the 50’s. This relatively low track temperature once again caused some questions about which tire compound to run and there were variations between the 30’s and 22’s on the fastest cars – however, lap times didn’t seem to vary…

2019 Slot It Group C – Race #3 Results

11 racers started the previous race; 11 racers started round 3, showing how popular this event is within the club. Extremely tight racing matched with dream cars makes for a good turnout. It also helped that the biting cold, so recently holding Austin (and our track building) in its grip, had wandered away, making tire…