LED TV Black Screen Repair

Guys This is kind of off-topic for the website but I thought this information would be usefule.  Last week I bought an LED TV from Goodwill and when I got it home it had a black screen–apparently no power.  Upon further investigation I found it was not quite a black screen.  By shining a flashlight…

Painting with Auto-Air Colors Water Based Paint

For painting slot cars and scale models, my paints of choice are lacquers and Auto-Air Colors water based paints.  For the lacquers I use Tamiya, DupliColor, and PlastiKote rattle can paints as well as various airbrushed lacquers.  But the paints I often default to are the water-based paints from Auto-Air Color.  These paints are very…

RevoSlot Porsche 993 GT2 Review and Setup

Here is the first look at the new RevoSlot cars that the club will be using for it’s first quarter race series.  The cars are so well constructed the video’s will show the basic steps that can be used to properly set up the car.  This is just a first look.  I am sure we will learn more about setting these cars up as we race the series.  Expect some real race set up tips very soon.

Painting a Phantom Calder BMW Art Car

I decided to repaint my DHL BMW Z4 GT3 1/24 Scale Auto slot car in the paint scheme of the first Art Car, the 3.0 CSL painted by Alexander Calder that Herve Poulain drove in the 1975 Le Mans race. I thought that I might chronicle this repaint and the methods that I used. There are many paint products out there and many methods that will yield good results. The effort that I went to on this project might be considered overkill…

Drivetrain Set-Up Tips

How can you tell if your cars drivetrain is set up correctly before you come to the track?

One of the best ways to make sure your car is set up before you turn a wheel at the track is to do a little homework to make sure the drivetrain is as good as it can be. One of the best tools to use to make sure your cars drivetrain is set up properly is a…

Using a Pressurized Mold to Resin Cast an F1 Wing

Welcome to our how-to section! This and several other slot car tutorials, tips and  technical articles can be found  on our forums. Please use the following link to add comments or discuss this material:    Our club was planning on a race series using F1 slot cars.  It was expected that we would need replacement body…

Upgrading / tuning a Scalextric GT McLaren MP4-12C for non-magnet wood track racing

For the 4th quarter of 2013, our club voted to race modified Scalextric GT cars. The most basic outlines of the series stipulate that the chassis and body of the car must remain stock, but just about everything else can be replaced.

In this article I will show what I did to setup my Scalextric McLaren MP4-12C GT3 for the series. The car turned very decent lap times on our track, just slightly slower than a prepared car … and that is really good for a Scaley, I’m looking forward for the races.

Casting Resin Parts

Making resin castings of small parts is probably much easier than you might think, especially if the part has a flat side. Parts with a flat side, like many wheel inserts, can be duplicated with a one-piece mold. The RTV mold compound I most commonly use is Polytek Platsil 71-20 Silicone RTV Rubber. Car Tuning Tutorial

Welcome to our how-to section! This and several other slot car tutorials, tips and  technical articles can be found  on our forums. Please use the following link to add comments or discuss this material:    The objective of this tutorial is to show how to prepare a car for racing, specifically for the Austin Slot Car Club…

Fly Ferrari GTO Slot.It Converson Project

Soon after the release of the Slot.It Ford GT I started looking to see what other cars the chassis might fit. The Fly Ferrari GTO, of which there are many variations, is a near-perfect fit. These cars have beautiful bodies but with the front-mounted motors, the cars don’t run well without magnets. Replacing the Fly chassis with the Slot.It sidewinder chassis promised to work much better. The BRM wire wheels really add the finishing touch.