Race Results

2019 Targa Florio Rally Round 1 Results

2019 Rally Round-1 a good startEric showed us ‘how it’s done’; strong showings by Marty and Dave; great mid-pack runs by John, Steve, Randy.  Russell’s inaugural run is great. Mark’s low power strategy backfired.  Alex marshals and learns.  // Stats and enhanced story posted later. Porsche Stable Ferrari Stable (& one Porsche!)

Rally Practice

Thursday 5 – 9 pm normal practice nights Saturday June 22 , 1 – 4 , June 29 , 1 – 4   Every Sat after the rally race  Sunday , if anyone needs to come on a  sunday let me know

2019 McLaren M8D Round 6 Results

Slot.IT McLaren Race 6:  Series Analysis; By Lotus Jr.  The final race of the McLaren series was challenging for many drivers. While the room temperature was 86 degrees, the track was noticeably slicker and slower than previous weeks. The decision to run the McLarens at 12 volts, appears to have resulted in frustrating tire issues.…

2019 Thunderslot Series Round 5 Results

Round 5 of the 2019 Thunderslot series did not quite live up to the benchmark of the epic Round 4 race; total lap times were down slightly, although the fastest lap times were close.  Once again, Ary won with a lap total of 238.74 and David ran 236.35 laps.  David had another sub-3.6 second fastest…

2019 Thunderslot Round 4 Results

The fourth round of the 2019 Thunderslot series set new benchmarks for an ASCC series, in both total laps and fastest lap.  Heat 1 set the tone as Marty and Alex battled, Marty setting a 3.706 second lap to Alejandro’s 3.709 sec. and 77 laps to 76 laps.  In Heat 3 David upped the ante…