Race Results

2018 Christmas Party

The clubs 2018 Christmas party was one of our best.  It was great to get everyone together to hang out, eat some great food and share stories.  Its a great way to end 2018 and shake hands before the battles of 2019 begin.              

2018 NSR Rally #6 Results

Podium confirmed: David, Shawn, Stephen. Marty climbs back up in the ranks where he is used to being.A casual but fun race day! Stats and story soon. Series Podium:   // after dropping worst race, and based on 5 races Group A 1-David, 2-Shawn, 3-Stephen Group B 1-Randy, 2-John

2018 NSR Rally #5 Results

Top Two Podium Spots SealedWell, the trend has continued with David and Shawn ending up in the top #1 and #2 spots respectively. Shawn has consistently bested the rest of us by at least 10 seconds and then David taking it to “a whole nutha levaa” by another 15-20 seconds! Commentary will be posted soon.…

2018 NSR Rally #4 Results

The Podium Seems to be Shaping UpOur 4th rally on Oct 6 followed the trend of the two previous races with Shawn, Dave and Steve dominating the top spots.  Also, there is a mis-calculation in the Leaderboard and Randy is actually leading Mark by 12.88 seconds!  We missed Marty and John again, but hope to…

2018 NSR Rally #3 Results

This is still anyones series …Our 3rd race on September 8 was interesting, with some racers doing better than previous; and David and Shawn still running at the top of the leaderboard. In Ary’s first race of the series he set the bar high by breaking into the 200s, then Shawn really had an incredible…