Club Operation Suspended During Health Crisis

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In lieu of  recent events concerning the COVID-19 virus and further safety precautions to slow down its spread, the Austin Slot Car Club is taking the unfortunate step of suspending racing events and formal activities at the Jamestown headquarters of the club for the time being.  Until we have more information about the virus in general and the extent of it’s spread into the community, the reasonable response is to err on the side of caution.  The health of our members and our community should come first. 

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  3 comments for “Club Operation Suspended During Health Crisis

  1. Per Minutes from March 14
    ** Each Thursday – Russell will send out an email requesting who plans to attend that week end’s race.
    If less than three people plan to race the race will be canceled. As per our website ( with as few as 3 people can occur. 9 heats will occur, with one driver rotating to all 3 lanes, while the other two members marshal.
    Thursdays are not impacted. Club members can continue communicating with each other planning on attending practice or not.

  2. Under the heading: Minimum Number of Competitors
    “For a race to be valid, there must be a minimum of 3 racers. With only 3 competitors each driver will race on his own while the two other drivers will marshal.”
    The software will create 9 heats of 3 people each. However, for any heat only one person races, while two people marshal on the end corners.
    Either Racer-1 can rotate through all the lanes, then Racer-2 etc. – or each heat has a different racer on the same lane
    e.g. either Same-Racer: R1-Yellow, R1-Green, R1-Blue, R2-Yellow, R2-Green … -OR- Same-Lane: R1-Yellow, R2-Yellow, R3-Yellow, R1-Green, R2-Green …

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