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    My $1.38 – If we can practice on the main road course any time why can’t we practice on the rally course ‘any time’? Our practice times are already fairly predictable – Thurs nights, Sat post-race and Sundays (for Marty) so why not follow the same pattern for the Rally?
    Randy’s idea of a sign-up list sounds interesting[1]

    Dave is Series Manager so the decisions should be up to him – he can (1) set certain days or (2) make it ‘open’, or (3) close the course until race day. Next year’s SM may make other decisions. If Marty needs to practice on Sundays and wants help with the covers (esp. if he has to take care of Jensen) I will be glad to meet him at Kings to help him [1] and I’m sure others would also.

    TRIVIA Last year I don’t think Shawn had much practice and he was consistently in the top two. Plus – there are a few guys who rarely practice on the road course and consistently do very well, and others who *can’t* practice much but are improving dramatically (e.g. John). I would hate to be told I can’t practice because someone else is not able to practice (unless it is a clear, established part of the series rules from the beginning). Heck I need more practice than anyone!

    Some key criteria for the Rally practice are:
    (a) You can get someone to help you with the covers (even Mark H, Rudy, Don)
    (b) You can coordinate with Rudy to have the top cleared (or his OK to move the consignment stock to the south-side pit bench.)
    (c) Look UNDER the track for the green extension cord I put there – plug into the power strip under Russell’s pit box.
    (d) Know how to use the practice software.
    (e) Be very Gentle with the computer and all its cords – when pulling it out/in.
    (f) Be very careful putting the covers back on and always replace the tarp.

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    The Rally Track will be open this Sat. after the Thunder Slot race.


    The rally track will be open this Sat. after the McLaren race . If anyone wants to practice on Rally track Sunday afternoon reach out to me to make sure you have help to open top.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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