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    OK everyone, it’s the time of the year again to discuss what series we want to run next year.  I’ll again compile the series and get out a survey next month for us to vote on and then further discuss in the annual meeting in October.

    Couple of guidelines this year for the suggestions:

    • Make sure you come with at least a framework of rules for the series.
    • Look at the cars available
    • Buy a car and run it first

    This is to eliminate some issues we had this year.

    Keep in mind, Group C will still be run and some kind of series on the rally track.  This leaves 4 series to determine.




    Look at the Cars Available = a) find what models are available from b) what vendors and c) what are the price ranges. Naturally this applies to any allowed parts upgrades, esp. tires.

    Run It First = we need you to be able to speak to your actual experience running and tuning the car. It would Also be great if you let a few other members try out the car(s).

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    The list of my proposed options are below.

    Targa Florio 1970Limited
    NSR Porsche 908/3Limited
    Fly 908/3 with CG Slots chassisLimited
    Group B 1982-1986Unlimited
    Slot It – Group C
    BRM 1/24 Trans AmSpec
    BRM Revo SlotSpec
    BRM 1/24 Porsche 917/Ferrair 512Spec
    Can Am 1970-1975Limited – Slot It spec
    Slot It
    1995-1996 Global GT Championship- Fly cars w/Oilfer 3D Chassis
    Dodge Viper GTS-R
    Lister Storm
    Marcos LM600
    911 GT1 ’97
    Venturi 600LM
    1970 Le Mans Fly w/CG Slots Chassis
    Porsche 917Limited
    Ferrari 512SLimited
    Lola T70 MkIIILimited
    Ford GT40Limited
    Porsche 908Limited
    Scalextric BMW E30 w/PCS chassisLimited
    Fly BMW E30 with 3D chassis with tons of body options
    Scalextric BMW E30 M3 No.56 Bathurst 1000 1988
    Ref : C3929
    Scalextric BMW E30 M3 DTM 1988 Jagermeister
    Ref : C3899
    Scalextric BMW M3 E30 BTCC 1991 Will Hoy
    Ref : C3866
    Scalextric BMW M3 E30 No.36 Tic Tac
    Ref : C3865
    Scalextric 60th Anniversary Collection – 1990s
    Ref : C3829A
    Scalextric Autograph Series BMW E30 M3 BTCC Mobil 1 Steve Soper
    Ref : C3782AE
    Scalextric BMW E30 M3 BTCC Mobil 1
    Ref : C3782
    SuperSlot BMW E30 M3 No.3 JPS
    Ref : H3757
    Scalextric BTCC BMW E30 M3 Demon Tweeks
    Ref : C3739
    Scalextric Ford Sierra RS500 & BMW E30 Twinpack
    Ref : C3693A
    Slot It – DTMLimited
    Alfa Romeo
    Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI No.19 Silverstone 1996
    Ref : SICA45A
    Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI No.26 Nurburgring 1994
    Ref : SICA35D
    Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti No.27 Jagermeister
    Ref : SICA35B
    Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti No.7 DTM 1993
    Ref : SICA35A
    Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI UKSCF
    Ref : SISC35A
    Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI No.8 Avus Ring 1995
    Ref : SICA40A
    Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI UKSCF 2018
    Ref : SISC35ab
    Opel Calibra
    Slot.it Opel Calibra V6 No.2 Avus Ring 1995
    Ref : SICA36C
    Slot.it Opel Calibra V6 No.17 1st Norisring ITC 1996
    Ref : SICA36B
    Slot.it Opel Calibra V6 No.9 DTM/ITC 1995
    Ref : SICA36a

    Daaaahhhhmmm … thats a few years worth Marty!  Thanks – lots to think about : )

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    Lotus jr.
    Lotus jr.

    I am lobbying for a Slot.it McLaren M8 D/E class.  They are sub 4 second capable near stock.   Specs: Motor: stock 23k.  Tires: Slot.it F30s.  Gearing : Open  Voltage: 11v.   Sidewinder configuration.   Handling is excellent.   In testing, car has proved to be durable with little tire wear.   5 models built plus white kit.


    John (Lotus Jr. )


    1. 13CC8921-A4AB-48BD-86A0-56C74A4D6A2A.png

    2. AF6810AF-1F6F-49B0-BF5E-EAC92277C521.png

    Lotus jr.
    Lotus jr.

    All Slot.it McLaren M8s made are currently available from Electric Dreams at reasonable prices.  These are really fun to drive.

    John B


    Lotus jr.
    Lotus jr.

    I am also lobbying that we support Kings by making an effort to have one class that we order the cars from them,  as we did with the Scalextric British Touring Cars.  They sell Scalextric,  Slot.it and BRM.


    John B

    Radial TA
    Radial TA

    Are the Slot.it McLarens competitive against the Thunderslot Lolas?  Could they made competitive with gearing choices?  Let’s race this month after a regular race.



    I’m going to say no as I’ve never gotten a Slot.it to run 3.6s.  I’m thinking the Thunderslot would own the Slot.it in that series.

    Radial TA
    Radial TA

    I would like:

    1) RevoSlot with slot.it rear bearings and 3/32 axles, gears, wheels and tires.  This may also impact the front bearing, axle, wheel, tire change.  Tires may need testing, but it should be easy to pick.  I would not pick a Marcos, but am OK with it if it is comparable to the Porsches.

    2) Slot.it McLaren M8A stock except maybe tires.

    3) ScaleAuto 1/24 GT we have just been running.

    4a)  TransAm Scalextric 1/32 with 3D chassis, and running gear.  I have a ’70 Camaro running good, and a 3D chassis to build a 1970 Mustang.  The stock rear track width is a few mm wider for the Camaro, but I will be able to check the 3D chassis conversions before October and we can test drive them.

    4b) If not TransAm I like the suggestion Marty made that we run Scalextric BMW E30 M3’s with 3D chassis and running gear.  I especially like the Ref. C3782 Mobil 1 in honor of my late father-in-law who was the Mobil oil distributor for Pomona in the early Mobil 1 days.

    5) Rally Targa Florio as suggested by Marty with Fly bodies on 3D chassis.  I have an eligible Fly car from way back to convert.

    6) 1970 LeMans with Fly bodies on 3D chassis.  I have 2 eligible cars to convert.

    7) ThunderSlot Lolas and McLarens if comparable.  Is anyone testing the McLaren M6A?

    8) Group 5 again with some control on unobtainium parts.

    9) Group C again.

    10) Maybe some other ideas we see between now and October.

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    My only proposal for a series next year is for Thunderslots.  The rules would remain the same and new Thunderslot cars would be evaluated and allowed if they are comparable.  It would be great to get some cars other than the Lolas.  Given the parity with the Thunderslot cars my preference would be to keep it a Thunderslot-only series.

    Radial TA
    Radial TA

    The Alfa Romeo Slot.it cars listed mostly have 35 in the serial number except for the first one the has 45.  Reading the notes, the 45 is a new version with new features, some slightly different dimensions and a 21,000 rpm motor which is different.  Are the differences small enough to leave all of them competitive?

    Radial TA
    Radial TA

    I have put the Scalextric 1970 Mustang together with a 3D chassis as a sidewinder.  The 70 Camaro on the 3D chassis as a sidewinder is about 3 mm wider at the real wheels than the Mustang fenders.  The main problem is the sidewinder gear hub and slot.it wheel are too wide for the Mustang fenders.

    Both cars could be assembled as inline which would allow the Camaro to run with tires well within the fenders and equal to the Mustang inline.  Tests completed showed that the inline pod gives ability to set rear track width the same on Mustangs and Camaros.  Can also use hubless wheels to get as close to the chassis as possible.

    The inline pod will require cutting the bottom of the cockpit off to clear the motor.

    I am going to stop testing here until we decide if this will be a 2019 series.

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    For 2019
    CanAm-McLaren [Spec]-I’ve got a virgin M8D (from Kings) I’m itching to use!
    Rally – Targa Florio 1970 [Open], or Porsche 908 [Spec]
    LeMans [Open]-or- Slot.It DTM [Spec] – both sound fun.
    1/24 – BRM TransAm; (or if we do 1/32 TA, BRM 917/F512)
    Econo-F1 – Scaley Hi-Impact Formula with FF motor upgrade; or PoliCar – PCAR02 Lotus 72B
    1/32 TransAm [Open]- Lets be realistic (but not historically scale-correct) this time and allow F30s and 3D-Chassis; don’t waste time on Dawgs (don’t list 15 cars, when only 3 are actually competitive)

    For 2020+
    ScaleAuto 1/24 GT – Would prefer saving SAs for races in Pflugerville.
    Revo and ThunderSlot – both great series, but maybe wait until more bodies are available and tested. 2020 or 2021 perhaps (e.g. we can buy them in 2019 but race in 2020)
    Group-V – we’ve ran at least twice; perhaps give some one-time series a chance to re-cycle?

    *Reminder* (a) you do not need to list GP-C (b) let’s avoid ShotGunning every single series we have ever done, or (c) or shotgun a dozen new cars and brands -without leaving any room for recycling series and cars we have *already* spent lots of Time and Money tuning. (d) Rather than repeat 2018 series, lets consider recycling a race from 2016 or earlier. We had fun this year – but let’s consider back-logging the brand/models from 2018 to reruns in 2020+.

    ... Fire up the willing engine, responding with a roar! Tires spitting gravel, I commit my weekly crime... Rush - Red Barchetta

    Radial TA
    Radial TA

    I have discovered that I would have to modify the 3D chassis rear rail next to the pod to make room for the inline motor set up on the Mustang.  That would still leave the Mustang fenders narrower, and with extensive mods to use tires that same width as the 70 Camaro.  Therefor, after some consultations with other members I am dropping the full Trans Am suggestion.

    We could do a 70 Camaro class on 3D Olifer chassis with many restrictions.

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