2019 Thunderslot

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    Russel I have noticed wear on the tips of the teeth on my pinion, so I am going to research if any brass pinions are available at the same size (& pitch) as the OEM pinion.

    ... Fire up the willing engine, responding with a roar! Tires spitting gravel, I commit my weekly crime... Rush - Red Barchetta


    I ordered I think the last bag of slicks from Scalextric store in UK like 10 days ago and I got them today

    I will be using only two of the four in the bag if someone REALLY needs the other two please let me know I can lend those until we can get more …

    I will try to bring them this Thursday since I have a meeting that day that will last till night

    Just  let me know


    Before our first Thunderslot race can everyone check to make sure you have the right tires. After the group C race many ran their Thunderslot cars. Later when I ran I found the yellow and green lanes had lost their grip considerably. the blue lane was great. Possibly Silicone tires were accidentally used.  Make sure you have on your package  TYR004R                                                             The other tire they offer is TYR005RX for carrera may have a different compound, since were not sure do not use these.                                                                                                                                         If anyone needs tires today to have them ready let me know i can meet you I have a few extra.


    I’m not convinced the tires that shipped with my T/S Lola are urethane. Vinyl, perhaps? I did run Saturday after the Group C race.


    Thunderslot 2019 Rules Updatedhttps://www.austinslotcarclub.com/2019-racing-series/2019-series-thunder-slot/

    The rules have been updated to allow gear changes.

    Also, as was discussed last year but not officially put in the rules, spacers will be allowed on the front body mount posts to provide clearance for tires or spoilers.

    Good Luck!


    For newer members, or anyone interested, I recommend going back through the Thunderslot discussion forum for last year: https://www.austinslotcarclub.com/forums/topic/thunder-slot-discussion/

    This was a separate thread from this year’s discussion.


    The first Thunderslot race was a real



    Radial TARadial TA

    Tremendous praise to Marty for snagging the back-up data and for Stephen suffering through the storm and data for a couple of hours to get the tables for Russell.  I really like the blue/green/yellow coding on the individual heat table.  Thanks true servants of the club.


    Tires have arrived!  Straight from Australia, straight from Italy are the Thunderslot racing tires we have been unable to find.  I have 6 pairs available.  First come, first served.


    I’ll also be bringing some of the home-brew tires Saturday, if you want to use them to run practice laps, or to experiment with.


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    Thank you for all the work reporting the series!

    Although the final podium is correct, I noticed an issue with the numbers. When I add all my results, dropping the worst result (round 3 – 17), the total is 100 points (21+20+20+20+19), not 98.






Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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