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    Please post all comments and suggestions about the 2020 series to this forum.


    The series we did not finish last year were the 1/24 BRM Group C and the Targa Florio on the rally track.  We could add those to the calendar as most everyone that was going to race in those series should already have cars.  This will help keep the expense down.

    What additional series could we run?

    I would suggest either a Scalextric or Fly BMW E30 series or a Slot It DTM series

    NSR F1 series – this could be run as a El Piloto/IROC style.

    NSR Porsche GT2 series – Porsche Cup Series

    Ford vs Ferrari series with Slot It Ford GT40’s vs Policar Ferrari P4


    AvatarBrett Lindsey

    This sounds cool, if we run Slot It DTM I know what car and livery I would like to run! I also would like to run Ferrari vs Ford, I have my black Slot It GT40 this was the third slot car I bought years ago. I think the NSR 917 did very well would like to try a GT2. I do not know if I can make the meeting on 1/11 so the is a few to list.

    Can AM

    Modern GT

    Touring Car


    Targa Florio



    I am also for completing the Targa Florio season. I do hope it is a continuation…things were looking up for me, after all. (HA!)

    There are a number of items suggested above that I don’t think anyone has run and tested. If we’re going to allow the suggestion of untested cars (which I wholeheartedly endorse), then I can come up with a ton of exciting series options based on existing European classes with gobs of car choices. However, if we are going to stick with the rule that we have had to test the cars to verify they run well with our track, then I say we include McLaren and ThunderSlot sometime during the year, too, since we have them handy.

    It would be cool to do some kind of enduro during Le Mans…maybe not 24 hours…but something long while we watch the race. Maybe we can do our aborted unlimited car race during this event, too? (my development stalled when the club had to move)

    I love touring cars and GT. So DTM sounds great. There was some talk today about Trans Am under 2 liter, which I’d completely jump into.




    AvatarMike ONeil

    I just want to know something; am I still a member? If I am why do I not get any e-mail updates. I never a notice of your moving or that Kings was closing.


    Mike – Thanks for reaching out.  Good to hear from you.  You joined the ASCC on Feb 4th of 2012 with an annual membership.  It looks like the membership was not renewed.  We send emails for the time you are a member but stop once your membership expires.  We also don’t send many emails as we rely on the clubs website as our primary means of communication.

    Please come visit us at our new location at 8222 Jamestown, Unit E2.  We are there every Saturday and Thursday evenings from 5-9.

    We are still completing work on our new facility but we are at least racing again.

    Our membership structure has changed along with our new location.  We have two levels of membership – a standard membership of $150 per year or a premium membership that is $75 per month.  There are benefits for the premium membership like reserved parking, reserved pit box space with the ability to purchase more, reduced race entry fees and a key to the space so it can be used at any time.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.



    FINISH 2019 Series.  We did the planning; we bought cars and parts.
    — Targa Florio Rally
    — 1/24 BRM Group-C

    ** let’s use the cars we used once and are collecting dust in our “garages”. Let’s try and keep costs at an acceptable level, esp. in light of the new membership costs.
    — NSR Mosler
    — NSR917
    — Trans-Am – allowing F30s and 3D Chassis and 1mm outside the wheel wells if needed for the F30s.

    "Come On! Lets go space trucking!" Deep Purple


    I really like Erik’s idea of holding an endurance race of some type.  We have run these previously but the challenge is setting up the two person teams.  Always a challenge.

    Radial TARadial TA

    Q1 already running good old Slot.it Group C

    H1 already running RevoSlot.  Some of the new cars either did not run because member was absent, or did not run well due to lack of track time, and almost all of us had some tire surprises.  I’m glad we have plenty of practice as a half year season.

    Q2 Targa Florio that was interrupted when we shut down at Kings.  Quite a bit of testing had occured already.  By April we should have the construction cleared from the rally track.  If not, switch to Q3.

    Q3 ThunderSlot with the Elva and McLaren M6A tested to run competitively.

    H2 BRM Grp C 1/24 that was interrupted by the move.  I hate to have such an expensive and dramatic car in the stable.  This might need to be a class where owners of multi-car teams “rent” cars to people who don’t/won’t have one.

    Q4 FORD vs. FERRARI using the Slot.it GT40 and Policar 330 P4 .  Maybe purchase and test this Policar early if it is going to get scarce.

    My 1/24 ScaleAuto BMW is moaning in the garage about being left out.  I also liked the 917, Group 5, and BTCC cars that I raced.  Finally, I would like to race the series that had the C6/7 Corvettes that I wish I had run (I have scrapped my Viper), and the Mosler series.  I did not participate in the Formula 1 as I had just joined but I heard a good deal of negativity about it.  If there is a better open wheel car available new maybe give it a run.

    I would also like to race an enduro some time with reliable cars that have good headlights.  I don’t think any of my current racing cars have headlights, but my scaleys and other home racing cars do.  Really develop directions for installing headlights.  Actually the sports cars like scaley and Fly have the good aftermarket chassis now.

    What fun to be thinking of actual racing again.


    I agree with completing/running Targa Florio and BRM1/24.

    If we are going to run Ford V Ferrari I think we should open it up to Scalextric Ferrari P4/412 cars with 3D printed chassis.  There are number of Ferrari liveries available.  Of course, they might find it tough against the Slot/it GT40s.  How does the Policar Ferrari run?

    I would also go for Thunderslot


    Completing theTara Florio would be a good thing. It would also mean the track will be uncovered , and possibly accessible for some landscaping work.

    Lukewarn on Ford Vs Ferrari. Would be interesting only if the series is open to other cars on the Le Mans /Daytona /Sebring grids during that time period. Otherwise it will be an awfully monotonous grid.
    George Turner Chaparral 2D

    I’m really liking the looks of the BRM 1/24 saloon racers. Especially if we open it up to Model kit body swaps.

    I was kidding about the Pre-war scratch-build series. Kinda wish I wasn’t.

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    -Warren Zevon

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