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    The proposed 2021 racing calendar is attached.  The first six months of the calendar are more or less in ink while the final six months are still in pencil pending the status of COVID.  Please review and let me know of any conflicts you might have.

    There is also talk of some one-off races that would take place throughout the year to show off potential future series.  These are races you would not have to purchase a car, just show up and drive.  An example would be a race involving BRM’s 1/24 scale mini cars and/or their Trans Am cars.  Policar historical F1 cars would be another example.  Please post any additional ideas on this forum.

    I’m looking forward to some great racing this year.




    The Google calendar was created for the first Six months. I will update as things evolve in the coming months. All members – please PM me with any errors or updates.
    ** Very much am interested in some alternate fun races and will schedule some;
    such as HO races, out-of-the-box Scaleys or Carerras (with P6s C1s or F30s)
    Maybe a vintage race with real old school cars (with fresh tires)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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