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    This is the head thread of the series discussion for 2021 – Group-C & IMSA
    This series will be run from Jan – March 2021
    Series Manager: John Breidenbach/Lotus-JR
    Rules will be posted on the main page; under “Race Rules” > “2021 Racing Series”
    Rules will be similar to those from previous years.
    Questions about the rules will be covered in this forum thread.
    ** Rules will not be duplicated in this forum thread.

    Candidate Cars:
    Slot.IT Group-C/IMSA coupes – current catalog and vintage: Porsches, Mercs, Lancias, Nissans, Toyotas

    New Member/Warmup series:
    Rules are based on the original “Slot.IT Challenge”; This is a “spec” series allowing a minimum of upgrades (guide, tires, gears, ballast). This reduces tuning costs and wide technical variances between entries.

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    Radial TARadial TA

    I hope we are not going to put the cars in parc ferme between races.  That would discourage me.


    Randy – I am not the series manager but I don’t plan on keeping the cars in parc ferme between races.  We didn’t keep the cars in parc ferme while running the Thunderslot proxy.  We kept them in parc ferme only for the Slot It DTM race because the folks from Houston would not be able to work on their cars so to keep it fair we did not work on our cars between the races.

    Everyone will be able to work on their cars between races for the Group 5 race as well.

    Radial TARadial TA

    Note to self today.  Check the voltage meter so that I don’t try to improve my lap times while running squirrelly on 12 volts instead of the required 11 volts.  I wondered why I kept adding lead and no improvement.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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