ASCC Annual Planning for 2021

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    This is the head thread for posting preferences for the series for 2021.
    The basic set of candidates are:
    –Slot It Group-C
    –Racer Group-5
    –RevoSlot GT1 (new cars: Toyota GT1, Porsche GT1, Ferrari 333, Ferrari F40)
    –BRM 1/24 Group-C

    **These are not the only choices; you may propose your own series.

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    TWO group C? Can’t we mix it up a bit? There are some interesting open-wheel possibilities we can look into.

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    To the open wheel racing – there are NSR F1 cars and the soon to be released Policar modern F1 cars.  I could see us running the NSR cars.  They have been out for a while, parts are available and they come in enough colors and liveries to work for everyone.  Spec Series

    BRM Trans Am cars.  These are basically overgrown Revoslot cars that are fun to drive and perform well. – Spec Series

    BRM/TTS mini 1/24 scale cars – these include the Alfas, Ford Escorts, Mini’s, Opels and soon to have a Autobianchi A112 Abarth coming in the next few months.  Spec Series

    Scalextric or Fly BMW E30 touring car series with Shapeways 3D chassis – Semi-Spec Series

    Rally Track – Targa 1969-1973 – Open Series

    Rally Track – Group B unlimited.  Any car in Group B from 1983-1986 with unlimited modifications.  Open Series

    The difference between Spec Series and Open Series is the amount of modifications that can be made to the car.  Spec Series is just that – a spec car with stock or limited modifications that can be performed.  An Open Series allows for more (not unlimited) amount of changes to improve the performance of the car.  These series allow the builder to be creative and discover new ways to improve a cars performance.  These series can be slightly more expensive due to the expense in additional high-performance parts.




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    I like any of these legacy classes with one additional detail:

    Porsche and other rally cars that did not run in 2020</span>

    Slot It Group-C

    –Racer Group-5 if I can get a BMW

    RevoSlot GT1 (new cars: Toyota GT1, Porsche GT1, Ferrari 333, Ferrari F40)

    BRM 1/24 Group-C

    Thunderslot Lolas, McLarens, Elvas and if possible Chaparrals

    I am looking at the new classes mentioned like NSR F1, and a sedan class, with consultation among club members.  I would still like a class for an NSR Corvette.


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I like any kind of racing and vehicles, from sand-drags to F1 to Moto-X. Owned my first solder-iren at 9yo, custom made AFX HO cars before the AFX line was in local stores, rebuilt tractor and car engfines and transmissions. Former mountain and road bike geek - perennial sound man.