ASCC Club Meeting Agenda – May 12 2018

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    President’s Opening
    Treasurer’s Budget report
    Secretary’s Membership, Dues report
    New Business
    – Discuss name of new Pflugerville track – Tom C wants to call it “Austin Slotcar Raceway” – is this too close to our club name? Tom wants feedback.
    – ScaleAuto rules are posted (prelim). Comments?
    – Carerra rules are posted (final).
    Old Business
    – Rally series – any issues?
    – Thunderslot series – any issues?
    * Can we put the tarp on the Rally track?
    * Dates for landscaping – any further ideas?
    * 2mm Axle for the new 2x truer (Ary) – any ideas – maybe a long axle blank?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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