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    Feb 7 2018.   Limited number of members present.
    Presidential Opening:
    – Ary is enjoying Carnival in Brazil.
    – A reminder to Not discuss rules or tuning via Email – please use the discussion forums for each specific series. This lets site visitors learn from our experiences, and improves our WWW SEO score (i.e. the more views we get the more often ASCC’s site sorts to the top of a web search for “austin slot cars”.)

    – No new members. Eddie, Rich, and Bret are paid members but not racing.

    Treasurer Report
    – Marty is helping Max depart for the Navy. No update, but we remain solvent.

    A Casual Poll was held on satisfaction with the RevoSlot series.
    – Generally everyone is enjoying the series; the cars are fast, well handling, w/o much prep (possible or allowed)
    – The rear tires are remaining an issue. They are hard to true without blistering or without taking them to small in diameter. Considerations for future Revoslot series should be to consider changing the rear ball bearings to 3/32 ID, using 3/32 axles and 3/32 wheels to allow use of conventional tires (such as NSR Supergrips or Slot.It PT28 (F30s) with a center rib/nib. The key issue is the wear.
    – Concerns about the rules have died down and noone is concerned about being DQ’ed by post-race inspection.
    – Marty had discussed with Allen what appears to be a power drop in the motors; Alan had offered to trade replacement motors. Marty has since tached some motors and they appear to remaining in spec (above 20K and below 22K) so he thinks the ‘power drop off’ is probably really the tires slipping with wear, partly because of the strong torque and mainly because of driving style (powering hard out of the turns).

    – The final rules are on the website, contact Russ with any questions.
    – Some people are experiencing the stock front tires rubbing the front wheel wells – to mitigate this issue, front wheel specs are changed to allow 15×8 Slot.It hubs to allow Slot.It Zero-grips.
    – Some people are experiencing pop-outs in tight corners and climbs. Russ recommends using M2-2mm long grubs in the chassis edge to press against tabs in the body skirt to raise the front spoiler/splitter above the chassis and hence prevent it wedging against the track.
    – Overall the cars are very smooth, Quiet, and fast (easy to dip into the 3s).

    ... Fire up the willing engine, responding with a roar! Tires spitting gravel, I commit my weekly crime... Rush - Red Barchetta

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