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    Nothing special to announce or discuss.


    Club balance remains in the same typical range; some re-imbursements are due to Russell for supplies used on the braid refresh at the hairpin/race-control corner.


    No change in membership.  A membership renewal notice will be sent to those people needing to pay annual dues.


    Shawn asked if there were any remaining questions about the new “parc-ferme” rules? After some discussion they were approved by consensus in the April club meeting.

    –Once a car has passed tech inspection/scruitineering, the car will be placed on the parc-ferme lazy-susan. You will NOT have access to the car until you start your heats.  Once your race is complete, you will place the car back onto parc-ferme until the round is over. If you finish your heat and you are on an Out rotation, place your car back onto parc-ferme until your next heat. During breaks between heats, as you are changing lanes, you may clean your tires, adjust body float, or perform critical and obvious repairs. Car repair is the ONLY reason for your car to go back to the pits.  Car repair is ONLY for “Break-Fix” (as approved by the Series Manager/inspecter). No tuning (i.e. parts changes or adjustments) will be allowed.



    — Dave announced that legal cars and rules will be posted soon. Dave included that the rules will prohibit independent rotating front axles.

    — Randy wanted to confirm that the rally’s scoring was based on lowest time for 200 laps (5 rounds) and did not include any “fast-lap” bonus or other points. That was confirmed.

    — Mary discussed some of the legal brands and models, including the new market entry NonnoSlot  and with their Abarth-2000 model (a mix of NSR design and Slot.IT parts).

    BRM-1/24 Group-C

    — If you do not have a BRM-Group-C car (Porsches, Toyotas, Mercs) please start looking – Alan/132Slots only has a few in stock and new-stock is hard to find in the US. Check on eBay and other resell sources.

    — We will have a setup/tuning clinic one weekend after the Thunderslot series ends (so we can start using sponge tires with ScaleAuto “Tire Cleaner”).  Marty has a set of pictures, with his own comments, from Alan on how to setup the Group-C BRMs.

    — Wheel/Tires are spec’ed; Some ScaleAuto 1/24 mounted sponge tires are the spec. It is highly recommended to NOT attempt to buy BRM sponge wheels and tires and mount them – best to buy the pre-mounted tire/wheel combos.

    — If you have an “older” (circa. 2014 and before) BRM chassis, it is highly recommended to upgrade to a AngleWinder chassis (plus AW gear sets).  Note the – older architecture has the motor mount built into the chassis (i.e. no floating mount).

    — We will experiment with the rear bushing orientation (high, low) to determine which configuration works best with the sponge tires.

    — A weight limit will be established after experimentation.


    — The Vipers have wider wheels and hence resulting rear-wheel track than the other models.  With the sponge tires the track may need to be adjusted to 63mm to match the Viper’s et al.

    ... she's got real fat tyres and everything !!! ... Deep Purple Hiway Star

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