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    ASCC Monthly Meeting – March 14 2020

    No special announcements or issues other than those on the agenda.

    No changes in membership since last month.

    — Marty is awaiting $225 from one member
    — No Additional club member expenses known. Contact Marty if you have any to reimburse.
    — The rent is paid up through March.
    — Leasing company cannot do long-term agreements – it’s a standard for their 1,000+ renters
    — No further research has occurred on possible revenue streams:
    · Sponsorship on the Wall
    · YouTube – Slot Car Show
    · Slot Car and Parts sales
    · Renting the space out to other groups; · Railroad clubs, Model clubs, Magic group

    1. Managing Covid-19
    2. Series Discussions
    3. Confirm Series Managers
    4. Pit Area Upgrades
    5. Marty’s New Home Track

    We had a discussion and agreed to continue racing – with the existing schedule. If members are concerned about their health or being potential carriers, they can self-quarantine as David, Steve, Shawn and Erik have chosen to do until they feel the risk has passed.
    Points will continue to be applied. Now is not the time to focus on winning a series, focus on your health and having fun.

    ** Each Thursday – Russell will send out an email requesting who plans to attend the coming race.
    If less than three people plan to race the race will be canceled. As per our website ( we can race with as few as 3 people. Nine heats will occur, with each driver rotating to all 3 lanes, while the other two members marshal. [R1-yellow, R2-yellow, R3-yellow, R1-green, R2-green, R3-green, R1-blue, R2-blue, R3-blue]
    Thursday Test-N-Tune is not impacted. Club members should continue to email/text each other on plans for attending practice.

    Series are loaded into the Google calendar, available as a Google app or scrolling on the ASCC website right-rail. The schedule:
    H1 – RevoSlot GT2. Series Manager – Marty M.
    Q1 – Slot It Group C. Manager – Ary B.
    Q2 – Thunderslot – April 4 Manager – Russell M.
    H2 – BRM 1/24 scale – July 11 Manager – Steve B.
    Q3 – Targa Florio – July 4 Manager – Mark L.
    Q4 – Slot It DTM – Oct 17 Manager – Marty M.

    — McLarens approved; but McLaren Elvas are Not approved (not widely available)
    — Thunderslot Wood-guide is approved
    — Molding nipple on the motor-pod can be removed
    — NSR Gears can be used
    — Additional Thunderslot gears are approved, (but may be hard to find)
    — Note that some of the new cars have three-rib wheels improving traction over the two-rib versions.

    BRM 1/24 Group-C
    — Rubber BRM 30-shore tires are approved. Foam are not.

    — The new Pit Station tops on the rally track are fastened together with clamps. The box wrench to loosen the clamps is hanging on a nail in the equipment closet. The stations close to the wall are the largest at 37(?)-inches. At this time the default location of the Rally track is in the center of the back area.
    — Pit stations along the East wall are hinged and have legs that can be screwed into the bottom. There is a stick that can be used to hold the shelf up as you screw your leg on …
    — The West side pit area has been moved southward by 8 inches giving more room for a shelf next to the reefer (below the rear monitor). Russ will make additional shelving for Pit walls out of the old rally covers.
    — Russ will continue installing trim work and various other finishing details.

    Marty’s home track is 90% done – functional enough to race on. Has braid power-rails; needs landscaping to be finished. He and Jensen have been testing it extensively. We are still waiting on the track-warming party invitation; bring your masks gloves and sanitizer -LOL.

    — Both the large and small DC power supplies (for truing and break-in) are Not working. Mark L. will attempt to see if the small PS can be reset, and will loan the club his personal power-supply (same model).
    — The small weird 9-volt power supply still works; but it’s ammeter is not useful for tracking the status of a truing session.
    — Mark is making an extended Swifter handle for initial dusting of the track.

    ... she's got real fat tyres and everything !!! ... Deep Purple Hiway Star


    Mark this is a great write up thanks.


    Thanks for posting the great write up so quickly.



    Ditto on the quick write-up, Mark.

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