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    Russ and Marc may already be familar with this, but I recently had a scary accident with CA (cyanoacrylic).
    I use some old automotive carpets as portable cushions for working on slot-cars and electronics.
    Last week I had some CA spill out of the bottle while using a toothpick to apply a tiny drop to my Thunderslot. Concentrating on the glue job, I took a few seconds to right the CA bottle.
    As I was reaching for it white smoke started billowing off the carpet, and I could feel the heat on my palm as it passed over the area. I used a rag to smother out the smoke to delay the spread so I had time to get my extinguisher!
    Luckily I did not need the extinguisher, but the intense heat was felt through the rag! I was also lucky to not inhale any of the smoke.

    Apparently the reaction was due to the carpet containing a mix of Cotton and poly-blends. If the carpet was pure plastic polymers the CA would have just created a flat spot where it glued the fibres together. It also explains why the blended shop rag I used also got super hot, I’m lucky it did not catch fire also.
    — do not use Q-Tips to apply or clean up CA/Superglue
    — do not wipe up CA with nose or bath tissue which may include some cotton for softness
    — do not clean up CA with any cotton based rages or other materials
    — do not use cotton based gloves when playing with superglue
    — remove superglue from your wife or girlfriend’s night-stand :O
    ** Wear googles or lab glasses to prevent CA from causing Corneal scratches, Masks to prevent sinus and throat problems

    STAY SAFE and peace-out, Capt Obvious and Major Buzzkill

    "Come On! Lets go space trucking!" Deep Purple



    That is crazy.  I have never heard of that before.  Happy to hear it did not get any worse.




    I agree; that is crazy!  I have been using CA for 50 years and never heard this.  I did a search for “CA glue fire danger” and your post was the #4 result, after articles about California fires.  Further research also said in addition to cotton, it can react with wool.  I looked  it up on Wikipedia and saw that it was discovered at B.F. Goodrich in 1941.



    …so this problem was “discovered at B.F. Goodrich in 1941.”!?!?

    And for all of Randy’s “inside stories” of B.F. Goodrich this is the One he forgot? //love ya randy!

    "Come On! Lets go space trucking!" Deep Purple

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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