Can Austin support a commercial raceway?

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    For the power on the drag we have a 90 amp bulldog on each lane with a capacitor, the trap we will have to figure out what works best.
    The oval and kingleman will have one supply for four lanes.
    We would like to get some races going asap but we will have to see how much interest we have from racers.
    The last track is getting its paint this week, we have 4k feet of braid waiting to get laid.
    The tracks were using the old SRT timing system, we have a couple of lapmater systems on the way to replace the old system, the strip has trackmate timing.

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    Tom – the Shutdown and trap area are important and tricky.  Alot of damage can occur to cars if the shutdown does not slow the cars and if the trap allows cars to fall on the floor.
    If you are running glue the combination of the glue (heavier than the light glue used on the running surface) and shorted-rails provide braking. If you are Not using glue you may need to consider embedding block magnets (available from HaborFreight for 99c a pair) into routed holes in the wood next to the rails. These slow the cars by attracting the motor can and any steel in the chassis. Based on my experience you will need several pairs of magnets 5 to 10 pairs per lane spaced about 3-inches apart from the previous pair. #97505, #98406

    Since you ran out of room for a “bag/net” you may need to experiment with a ‘box’ made out of foam, such as used for pool floats (small life jackets and boxing practice helmets). The purpose of the box is to prevent cars from bouncing out onto the floor.

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Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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