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    my first ever track, never had a plastic, or whatever..

    saw some 1/32 cars at a hobby store, thought it was cool.. looked over it and thought why cant I make a track, started searching, and yup.. its possible.

    dived head first, so excuse my mistakes, its either go big or go home – after all, we’re in Texas ?

    there is a spot that hasnt been painted/foiled – going to re-route that corner to make a smoother turn.

    fixed the outside 2 lanes tonight, soldered all breaks, there was a bunch 🙁 but.. its my first time man..

    anyway.. as requested.


    Looks good already. Can wait to see when it is finished.


    Very nice!

    Are the main sections 4 feet deep?

    Build it strong.
    Keep it simple.
    Make it work.
          (Leroy Grumman)


    Bellator wrote:

    Very nice!

    Are the main sections 4 feet deep?

    yes, 4 feet, 16 feet long on main, and the L portion 4 feet by 5 feet long (so total on that end is 9 feet “ish”)

    I havent measured the track runs yet.. really dont care


    Great track! I like the fact it is three lanes.

    Have you driven it yet?

    Are you planning on doing some track landscaping?



    I have not driven it yet, I need a few items left.

    wire it up, and 2 controllers, maybe I ll buy 3 at once, but two – one for me, one for my son. I might get a parama 25ohm one for now to see how it all goes 🙄

    I have found 2 more breaks in my taping, so I will solder those up tonight, and go over again with a fine tooth comb, I’ve been testing with a 9v battery just to test the circuits.

    I’m hoping, I’m hoping after this weekend, all the ‘bugs’ will be fixed on the taping/track

    then work on wiring next weekend I have very little time after work, I cook, take kids to bed, etc then I want to unwind and watch some motorin on TV (HD Network on Directv – channel 181, I love it!)

    then its bedtime 😆

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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