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    As I was closing up on Sat, I noticed the top cap of the race-controller’s button was very loose– (been that way for a while but …) made worse by the pounding it has received since we mounted it to the side of the track. Since the cap has become the ‘retainer’ to keep it in the clamp, the danger was that one day the body would drop thru and a solder connection would break at the switch. If that happened, it would require us to cut open the PVC for a repair or to clone the whole assembly.
    **I did not have any fresh PVC glue so I epoxied the cap to the body. Let’s hope that holds for a while.

    The additional digital power supply we got a few years ago seems to be FUBAR. The Over-voltage LED remains on under All situations and control settings. I took off the cover and there are not any obvious fuses, fusible links, or relays that can be replaced or re-set. All wires appear to be connected fully, no visible solder traces appear broken (but I did not look at the hidden bottom of the circuit board.)
    **I have a similar unit I can loan the club until we get a new one. I am also regularly bringing my smaller GOPHERT P/S JIC we have more than one person needing to true tires on a race day.
    XX The old large power-supply has been FUBAR since last July. Everything was tried to re-set it (without opening the case). Maybe Ary can do his magic and re-set it once again?!?

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