How Can I pair a body with a chassis from another model?

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    Radial TARadial TA

    Some of our racing classes allow a body from for instance Fly, with a chassis from the ever popular Slot.It.  I have not found published dimensions for wheel base, front and rear track and distance from guide to rear wheels that would help me in this process.  I think I have observed that some members have many cars of many brands and can inspect everything hands on.  Is the hands on process our only path to enlightenment?  Does the forum work to inquire of other members which chassis they have, and can lend, for selecting a suitable pairing?


    Most of us just use the HRS II chassis.  Russell did a great write up on the Fly 250 GTO using a GT40 chassis.  That’s the only one that I know of who has mixed chassis and body and made it work.  With 3D printing, mixing of chassis is becoming a lost and unneeded art.



    Yes, it definitely helps to have a lot of cars.  I will check wheelbases of cars to see what might match up to a particular car and see how the body mounts might work.  The HRS chassis have adjustable wheelbases and will fit a number of cars, but I don’t use them much.  They are bulkier and heavier.  With any of these conversions, body mounts will have to be re-configured.  The Fly Ferrari GTO turned out to work well.  Other cars may not.

    Of course, nowadays there are so many 3D printed chassis available that will bolt right in.  That would be the best bet for a conversion.  If you have a particular car that you want to race, the handbuilt conversion may be the only option until someone comes out with a printed chassis.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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