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    Radial TA

    I just received my Policar Modern F1 orange Beta car which has two parts to assemble.  the front wing has a small clip to attach the front wing.  The clip is not tight, so online comments suggest shoe goo to avoid breaking the wing in a crash.  The alternative which I like is to insert small niobium magnets in the nose and wing slots so that the wing can safely detach in racing crashes with out cracking the wing.  Has anyone tried the magnet method, and if so, where did you get the magnets and would it pass the magnetic monitor test in a class race?

    The rear wing is connected by tabs on the upright fitting into slots on the rear corners of the chassis.  Again it is not a press fit and the wing falls off just picking up the car.  The wing is also very light weight and seems likely to crack in a crash.  Would shoe goo be the right choice with some applied to the uprights them selves.


    — I too am interested in the nose-wing magnet-mount method

    These are the official parts: https://slotcarcorner.com/products/sicn10-slot-it

    SI-CN08 and 09 are also available for $6usd; as well as Sloting-Plus SP118001 for $4usd.

    — Rear Wing – we may need to add some parallel Styrene supports and ShoeGoo them to the stock uprights.
    ShoeGoo looks messy but is less brittle than using CA and easier to pull off and replace.

    — Relate Article https://www.hrwforum.com/forum/-1-32-scale/74289-f1-monoposto-policar-info

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    The front-wing’s magnet or Clip assembly is T I N Y.
    I have seen recommendations to sand the paint on the nose and wing to improve the ability of either the magnets or clip to work. ShoeGoo has also been recommended (I would use a Very light drop).

    The rear wing … is also very flimsy, I plan to use either Styrene or thin Piano Wire to re-inforce it.

    I cannot determine what chassis is better – the default flat one for the Chip appears strongest.
    The front axle is adjustable, but they only ship Two 4mm Grubs with the car (WTH?)

    I plan to experiment with NSR front Zero-Grips (for the NSR F1-86/89 cars).
    The rear wheels are very hard to remove from the rear axle for tire truing.

    Very pretty modern style cars … but it’s going to be interesting to see how Durable they are 🙂

    "... get on your bad motor scooter and ride!"
    Sammy with Montrose

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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