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    June 8 I raced at Tom’s track; a 1/24 LMP race (flexi style chassis with Hawk-7 motor (48k)) followed by a GTP race ($13 fee for each). Nine racers participated – 2 from Houston, 3-4 from San Antonio, the remaining 4-5 were locals.
    De-slots were common as everyone (except for 3 locals) was still learning the tracks topology. The hard pinch in the middle of the track requires extensive braking and a very fine push through the curve, followed by a punch as you hit the flat straight. Next is the hillclimb/donut which can be carried with mid-range speed. The killer is the “S” connecting back to the main banked straight.
    As you come out of the donut you go into a slight climb, followed immediately by a drop in the left-hand swing into the southside bank. Other than the pinch this is the most notorious de-slot spot.  Next it’s full throttle around the D-bank until the small curve leading into the inside strait which precedes the pinch/hairpin.

    Very addictive speed. Lots of contact and carnage at this point in the track’s (and clientele’s ) history. It’s like a newly discovered surfing spot, better take a big chill-pill if you don’t want your groove thrown off by contact =:O . Next race is early July in SanAntonio/Magnatech.

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