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    Thanks a lot Marty:  that was a real life review !!!

    I am getting this car as soon as I can but I wish  to know:

    Is the guide blade provided in the white kit the one that we will use in our Club wood track?

    Is the gear mesh the responsible for the noise in the car? Or is a combination of chassis and body mounting hardware or  the chassis pan and motor pod contact ?

    Is there any special grease for the ball bearings that can be use?

    Can we use canopy glue instead of shoe glue to set the lexan interior


    Thanks again



    The extra guide that comes in the box with every RevoSlot is the routed track guide.  You don’t have to use it but I would not want to run without it.

    The gear mesh is partly responsible for the noise.  The car will quiet down with some additional running.  The other thing that makes it noisy is the aluminum chassis parts resonating inside the plastic body.  The chassis movement is very loud.  Some noise can come from a loose lexan interior tray inside the body.  That is the idea behind using some Shoegoo to make sure its not moving around making noise and potentially falling down on top of your tires.

    I don’t know of any special grease to run on the bearings other than the same things we have been using.  I have a RC tool that can be used on 3mm open face bearings to flush them out but these are sealed and I don’t know about any specific lubes.  Thoughts anyone?

    You can use canopy glue if you would like in place of the Shoegoo.

    Lotus jr.Lotus jr.

    Marty’s excellent latest RevoSlot series article provides not only a narrative and standings, but clear data on the performance of each car.  The rpm figures reveal that cars do not need high revs to be quick.   That rev range should apply to other series as well.  Tire degradation was a huge issue race to race and other tires should be certainly be tested on the Revos. This data shows how valuable testing is to produce good racing and reduce costs.   Russell has spent a good number of hours with his Thunderslots and Shawn is testing a ScaleAuto car now to determine tire selection.   Perhaps, we should consider having one member select a car that he wishes to propose for a future series, test it during the year and provide data before the club votes.  Granted, it would be too costly to test every model, but it could give enough info to determine if a series with that make of car would be viable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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