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    One of the tracks I have always wanted to run at was the large track at Mid-America Raceway in Naperville, IL.  I have watched this shop hold many races over the years and always wanted to run on the larger track preferably with a 1/24 Scaleauto.

    My dream came true this last week as I was in Chicago with family and was able to find some time to get to Mid-America Raceway.

    We were met at the front door by Ryder, Mid-America’s wire fox terrier and former shop model.  It was great to see another wire fox terrier since we left our’s, Button, at home.  Ryder made us feel very welcome and was our constant companion while we were there.  

    Inside Mid-America were five routed tracks and one drag strip along with tons of wing parts and a love seat for their model Ryder.  It was amazing.  How I wish we had something like this in or around Austin.



    I brought my Scaleauto BMW Z4 and Difalco controller while we got a rental car and controller for my six year old son Jenson.  We both ran on their big blue track as their newer black competition track was being worked on.  We were about 20 minutes into running when we were joined by another little boy and his mother who served as the reluctant corner marshal.   I now was spending the majority of my time trying to get into a grove while avoiding the kids two cars de-slotting around me.  I was able to get a time that would have put me mid-pack but not good enough to be at the sharp end of the grid.  I was happy enough with it.


    The bigger black competition track was now available and I spent the final 20 minutes at Mid-America running by myself on this track.  They told me they don’t run much on the black track because most people find it too difficult to run.  I quickly understood what he was talking about.  The track lacked and real flow and was difficult to find a rhythm to run quickly.  Just about as I was getting some of the turns down it was time to leave.  My time was over and I could have stayed all day. 

    They say you should always leave wanting more and that was exactly how I left Mid-America.  I can’t wait to go back and spend the day figuring out that beautiful black track.   Anyone want to join me? 


    Marty-I had seen your undetailed FB pictures but just found this thread in our forum. Looks like a fantastic place and I am extremely jealous you had time there – too bad you were not able to stay longer : (
    Question: I saw their Slot.It banner – were they running any 1/32s when you were there?
    p.s. cute dog and he obviously bonded with Jensen!

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