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    Are we ready to set a new schedule for remainder of 2020?  I have RevoSlot, 1/24 BRM Mercedes and two targa floria cars in the drawer for this year.  For some reason my group c tires have gotten hard and won’t clean up.  We can drop group c #6.



    I don’t think we have a choice on the calendar.  I don’t really see us going back to racing as a group until 2021 first quarter.  I think we need to see how this proxy event goes and then see if this is something we want to continue with or have people come in at scheduled times to race and then collect the results and post a winner.  Its all very confussing at the moment.  Let’s see how this weekend goes.



    ThunderSlot Schedule
    #1 July 11
    #2 July 22
    #3 Aug 8
    #4 Aug 22
    #5 Sept 12
    #6 Sept 26
    Annual Planning Meeting Oct 10

    ... she's got real fat tyres and everything !!! ... Deep Purple Hiway Star

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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