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    The objective of this tutorial is to show how to prepare a car for racing, specifically for the Austin Slot Car Club Challenge.

    The seven videos, made in 2012, followed the series rules of the same year. Although rules may change with time, they normally describe or limit the parts that can be used on the slot car, not the techniques used to prepare it. As you make your way through the videos, please take time to understand what is being done and why; when you are done, you should be able to prepare any slot car for racing.

    Part #1: Straightening a chassis.

    Part #2: Motor break-in.

    Part #3: Tire selection & truing.

    Part #4: Gear selection.

    Part #5: Guide selection and motor pod install.

    Part #6: Front axle height adjustment.

    Part #7: Lubrication, body install and center of gravity.

    All the videos can also be found in our YouTube channel.


    Excellent tutorial guys! I’ve been racing slot cars for several years and I learned something new in each of these well-produced videos. Thanks for posting.


    AvatarMach 2

    Stellar, I have the #39 Slot It Gulf McLaren F1 but an angle winder which runs well on our club’s track, I’ve replaced the stock plastic spur with 1 tooth larger ergal to enable a bit more speed on the 22 foot straight, 16 and 14 foot straights. Our club allows magnets (as many as the car will naturally hold, i.e., only in the areas MADE for them on the chassis) so, added a C7 at the rear and use Slot It’s 51mm hollow axles, CB Design Insert 17X11 rear, 17X8 front and trued the car’s original wheels to fit inside giving a stock appearance (all the racers at our club do do it to keep the stock appearance, so, nothing new there) with Quick Slicks on the rear, 0 Grips front (rear and fronts trued) and finished by lightly sanded the motor pod and chassis to remove flashing and allow movement on both with the body BUT had not thought about flattening the chassis OR using Slot It’s wood track guide. Fantastic videos and tutorial, I’m both amazed and grateful

    All the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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