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    For Members who have not been at the HQ for a few months; here are some notes on Tools and Supplies.
    Starting from the door:
    — A practice Kintana is next to the front door, JIC sketchy characters come around, and you don’t have a EDC weapon nearby.
    — Marty added a lexan banner holder to the back of Alejandro’s cheese carousel (our Parc-ferme). He also made some very cool series specific banners to insert in the holder! see recent series posts.
    — Thanks to Stevo the track camera has been repositioned for a better view, see our Youtube. also – we now have a race-control-bench camera for car reviews (pre or post race).
    — With the hotter weather we will be greatful for Marty’s “heat shield” on the retractable door. It is probably better than the one on the Crew-Dragon capsule …
    — “Tyler’s Mousetrap” – prototype tyre-cleaner is on the first bench – we will find a place to secure it so it can be fully “tested” (can also be used to clean cat hairs off our shirts so randy doesn’t sneeze).
    ** I will be bringing in a fire extinguisher – we have too many risks from chemicals, wood, wiring etc.

    ** Note that the (x2) 50amp AC breaker (in the back) needs to be flipped On at the start of race day, and Off when you leave please : )
    — A fresh box of Recycle Bin bags and contractor bags is under the projector screen. Please Do Not use TA-Radial’s blue recycle bin for trash – cans and bottles please : )
    ! A potential new member (John Leo) donated some Scaley spectator stands and track pieces – in a large red tub.
    — Spare 1/32 jewel-boxes are Free for anyone – they are in a Amanya Wine box.
    — A Tamiya Mini-4WD home track is on the bench. After I demo these cars, I will move this out of the way.

    — A fresh box of Swifters, bag of tire rags, and fresh tire fluid is on the bench. In the closet are at least x3 other fresh Ronsonol bottles.
    ** The “Muehlegger Break-in Rig” (a.k.a. “mibber”) sports a central master pod with a F130 Orange-bell, driving target long-can and short-can pods via a common axle. This dry break-in process prevents brush arching & pitting, and contours the “H” shaped brush face to a “C” shape – without leaving skid-marks on the commutator. Bonus features include separate long-can and short-can pods useful for Taching a motor. Mounting parts and screws for Boxxers and Flat-6s are in an associated RX bottle (don’t lose that!)
    ** Fresh 9v, AA  and  aaa  batteries are in the left shelves.
    — Last year Marty got a new Magnet Marshal (brown) since the legacy (grey) got wonky.
    — A motor “test-track” (with fine sandpaper pads for a light tire touchup) can be clipped to a 9-volt for motor checks during races.
    — Someone donated a corded Dremel with accessory pack. The rechargeable Dremel is still good and on the right side of the white shelves.
    — Tyre-tape is over the door. White duct tape is in the shelves.
    — Spare Harbor-Freight scales are in the left shelves; not the best quality but better than totally guessing.
    ** Don’t forget that Rich/HelloKitty donated his blue bench vise – its on the upper shelves.
    ! There is one good power supply (Protek 3025) in the closet. The others are dead.

    "I cant drive 55!" Sammy

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This is me fixing the steering on my Ford Pedal-car when I was 4 years old. I like all motorsports - I grew up going to a NASCAR Feeder track with Sportsman and Modified classes, and was lucky to attend races in 1970 at Orange County Raceway. My first solder-iron was a Christmas gift at 9yo; I modified T-Jets to be AFX spec before AFX was in local stores. I rebuilt a few tractor & car engines (SIMCA) plus transmissions by 15yo (I still have my ring-compressor and valve spring tool) Former mountain and road bike geek - perennial sound engineer. Struggling guitar hobbyist and Amp "tweeker"