Would the club be willing to host a leg of a pre-war proxy?

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    I have lifted Chris Wright’s copy from the Facebook 1/32 slot car scratch builder page for a description. It’s just taking shape at this point.

    I will try to make it to a club meeting to bring this up, but thought I could test the waters here.

    Is hosting a proxy event something the club is willing/able to do? No reason the whole event couldn’t happen in one afternoon. A chance to race some scratch-built pre-war cars from builders around the world.

    Let me know what you think. thanks!

    Here is the FB copy

    I’ll ask here: Is there any interst in a wourld-wide proxy race series, for pre war, open wheel racing cars, from Bug’s and Alfa’s and Massers to behemoth Merc’s and Auto Unions. We’re looking for interested participants, with tracks and contenders with great scratchbuilt prewar open wheel cars.
    Were looking for participants and venues.
    More information here, this is your chance to get your entry in (on very a rarely done, ..if ever, series) for these wonderfull cars of yesteryear.
    More info and disscusion here:
    I’d love to see ERA’s battling Maserati’s and Alfas, with separate races for the Juggernauts (Merc’s). And maybe a class for Brooklands monsters.
    The start of the info here: http://f-one-thirty-two.proboards.com/thr…/1187/proxy-events
    And yes a body for this Merc is avaiable.

    "Enjoy every sandwich"
    -Warren Zevon

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    Thanks for sharing.  We have participated in multiple proxy races before.  They are not easy to put on and there needs to be one person who is in charge of making it happen.  The best way to see if anyone is interested is to bring the details to a club meeting – second Saturday’s of the month – and make the pitch to the club.  Looking forward to hearing more about it.



    Marty, Thanks for the quick response.

    I get that these can be a logistical challenge. I have only been involved in hosting a small 1/43 proxy on my home track a few years ago. I will come up (hopefully) for the Oct club meeting. It should be clearer whether or not this thing is a go or not, and if it has taken shape as far as timing, etc. Of course, since I brought it up I would volunteer to wrangle the logistics.


    "Enjoy every sandwich"
    -Warren Zevon


    The proxy races we did were super fun.  The racing was fun with nothing to prepare and nothing to worry about other than having fun running some really cool cars.  I also found it interesting to see all of the different ways people had built their cars.  A real learning experience.

    If you want to take on the logistics it would be fun for the club to run.



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